At Seabird Society we champion the joy and the beauty in daily life, whether it’s a whimsical backyard picnic, an afternoon cheering from the sidelines of a sporting field, or a summer sunset on the beach, our beautiful hand-drawn, block-print designs make blankets, towels and totes that are as original, beautiful and cozy, as they are functional. We’ve made it effortless to embrace the outdoors with our light-weight, machine-washable fabrics created to help you seize the day.  

Inspired by our own personal quests for adventure that lead us deep through the heart of our Texas childhood, up through the heartlands of Ohio, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and back down through the orange blossoms of the Florida coast, we’ve captured the sights and sounds of those places in our block print designs, recollecting memories of seabirds soaring free overhead on their own boundless journeys. Celebrating the nature that surrounded us as children, we later took our travels further, across an ocean, all the way to India to learn the art of block printing. There, celebrating our love for practical and unique artisanship, the creation of our signature blanket, the Shindig, marked the beginning of Seabird Society’s new line of outdoor accessories.

At Seabird Society, with fabrics that are stylish enough for every occasion, our goal is to make shaking out a blanket for a baby’s nap, or a spontaneous dinner alfresco, just one of the many ways to relish the little bit of magic waiting for us inside of every day.


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