Seabird Society brings beauty and joy to your everyday adventures.  Whether it’s a backyard picnic or a road trip with friends, our blankets will turn your simple moments into a celebration!

When my oldest daughter was a baby, we were given an outdoor picnic blanket as a gift.  We brought that thing everywhere. I loved that it was lightweight and machine washable, but it wasn’t the most attractive and did not have a good feel. We also had an oversized block printed quilt in our bedroom that we loved. It had a soft hand and a beautiful print. That’s where I came up with the idea to bring the best of both together to make the perfect blanket.

I fell in love with the ancient art form of block printing and traveled to India to start developing this idea. They brought my designs to life through intricately carved wood blocks. I then spent a year refining the design until it was just right, bringing all of my favorite practical features together with the beauty of a block printed textile. The wonderful thing about block printing is that each design is perfectly imperfect just like our lives and each blanket has its own character so no two are exactly alike.


Hope you love it as much as I do!


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